$200,000 Mega Millions Mass State Lottery ticket sold at Beverly store

Mega Millions- A Massachusetts State Lottery participant won $200,000 when they Buys a winning lottery passes from a Beverly lottery game retailer on Wednesday, March 8. It’s seen that this international women’s day was lucky for the participants.

The champions was playing Keno, the graphics lottery passes game, when they big win the $200,000 award and they purchase their lottery passes from Anchor Pub & Grille, situated along the Danvers River. It was one of 92 total winning Keno lottery passes worth $600 or more won in the state on Wednesday

There was also a $100,000 scratch lottery passes demanding on Wednesday. That big winning lottery passes was from the “Millions” game, and was soldout an Express Mart in Walpole. It was one of 22 total lottery passes from the game values $600 or more demanded in the state on Wednesday.

Keno is a graphics game where participant first select 1-12 digits , or “spots,” to played . Then, participants must pick a lucky digits from 1-80 for each spot they chose to play. The Massachusetts State Lottery stated participant can manually choose their digits, or they can opt for a computer-generated Quic Pic lucky passes .

Participants also have to pick how much they want to wager on each graphics , from $1 to $20, and pick how many graphics they wish to play with the same digits . Keno participants can pick to play up to 30 consecutive graphics with the same digits . Graphic take place every four minutes on daily basis starting at starting at 5:05 a.m. and ending at 1 a.m.

For an optional bonus, Keno participants can also pick to mark Keno Bonus to twice the cost of their wager for a chance to multiply their award up to 10 times. Each spot has a different award value, and the award that acccords to the amount of digits paired also varies.

Participants can also watch Keno graphics or check their digits on the go by downloading the Massachusetts State Lottery App, the lottery representative said.keno games is giving online app to easy go and easy to match the digits with the winning digits.

Overall, there were 707 winning lottery passes value at least $600 sold out or demanded in Massachusetts on Wednesday, including 25 in Springfield and 26 in Worcester.

The Massachusetts State Lottery releases a full list of all the winning lottery passes every day. The list only including winning lottery passes value more than $600.
The two biggest lottery awards won in the state of Massachusetts so far in 2023 were $33 million and $31 million Mega Millions jackpot awards .

The lottery tickets were each soldout a week apart, with the $33 million Lottery ticket for the Tuesday, Jan. 24 graphics buys from a Stop & Shop in Belchertown. The champions came forward to demand their award on March 1 through the Skylark Group Trust.Because after winning award nobody can wait to see the winning amount or awards.

The $31 million Mega Millions jackpot passes was won on Jan. 31. The winning lottery passes was bought in Woburn from a Gibbs gas station, and the champions demanded their awards on March 8 through S & L Trust. Mean lottery games is played by the graphics because it can go up and down within a second.

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