Mega Millions Powerball Lottery jackpot winner: $20 million ticket sold in East Syracuse

A lottery  passes with all six digits in evening’s multi-state Mega Millions draw was soldout in New York and

 the  lottery passes holder will have the choice between accepting the approximate $20 million jackpot 

$20 million jackpot in 30 graduated payments over 29 years or a round sum payment of $10.5 million

The digits drawn Tuesday were 7, 9, 15, 19, 25 and the Mega digits was 4.this lucky digits can  chance someone life and bring

This is the first time in the game’s history that jackpots have been won in the same state in consecutive graphics

A  lottery passes with five digits, but missing the Mega digits, was soldout at a gas station in San Diego and is worth $366,918,

$1 million or a multiple of $1 million, California law requires major payoffs of lottery games to be paid